'Tuesday's Children' were formed in 1966 by Phil Cordell, Mick Ware and Derrick Gough who had been in North London band 'Steve Douglas and the Challengers' who later changed their name to 'The Prophets'. The Prophets did some recording with producer Joe Meek, but nothing was ever issued. When Steve Douglas and Freddie Fields left, the others reformed the band as Tuesdays Children. Paul Kendrick subsequently joined on bass guitar.


Publicity photos for the Prophets C1965. Top picture L-R: Geoff Hawkins, Mick Ware, Steve Douglas, Derrick Gough, Phil Cordell.


Newspaper ad for the Ritz cinema in Potters Bar, note that apart from showing films there was also wrestling advertized and a concert on 17th May 1965, top of the bill was 'Them' featuring lead singer Van Morrison, supported by Screaming Lord Sutch (later leader of the Monster Raving Looney Party) and near the bottom of the bill, The Prophets. I remember going to concerts like this, each act performed for about 20 minutes and the shows were fronted by a compere.


Newspaper advert for the Wolsey Hall Cheshunt, a venue that the group played often in the early days. Top of the bill was the Migil 5 who had a hit with a ska influenced song 'Mockinbird Hill'. The Migil 5 took over the resident spot at the Tottenham Royal ballroom from the Dave Clark 5 when they had their first hit record. Note that there were 5 groups on including 'Steve Douglas and the Challengers'


             Business Card for 'Steve Douglas and The Challengers' 1965.

Enfield local paper picture to publicise the release of 'When You Walk In The Sand', August 1966

Article and photo from Record Mirror publicising the release of 'When You Walk In The Sand', August 1966.

Early publicity shot of Tuesday's Children: Top - Bottom: Phil Cordell, Derrick Gough, Mick Ware. This picture appeared in 'Record Mail', September 1966.

Article and picture from Trend Magazine 1966, L-R: Derrick Gough, Mick Ware, Phil Cordell.

Publicity shot taken after Paul Kendrick had joined, L-R: Mick Ware, Phil Cordell, Derrick Gough, Paul Kendrick. 1966.

Cover of Fab208 featuring the group wearing Chinese gear to publicise the 'Strange Light From the East' single. Back L-R Mick Ware, Phil Cordell, Derrick Gough, front, Paul Kendrick. 1966.

Stevenage local paper article to publicise the release of Baby's Gone in November 1967 (Mick Ware was living with his parents in Stevenage at the time).


Poster for a gig at the Roadmender Club, Northampton, 22nd December 1967. This shows the short lived 6 piece line up of August - November 1967, L-R: Paul Kendrick, Roger Davies, Derrick Gough (seated), Mick Ware, Phil McKenzie, Bob Hodges. This photograph and the one above were taken on 26th September 1967, somewhere around Romford/Hornchurch in Essex.

Publicity picture taken for the release of Baby's Gone, top L-R Derrick Gough, Roger Davies, Bob Hodges, bottom L-R, Paul Kendrick, Phil McKenzie, Mick Ware.

Cutting from the Romford Times to publicise the release of Baby's Gone.

Newsletter for the Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London W1 for December 1967, Tuesday's Children were performing on 28th December, supporting the Amboy Dukes. Note that at that time the Marquee did not have a licenced bar! The group had also appeared at the Marquee on 6th November 1967 and later on appeared in 1970 as Czar.


Publicity shot 1968, L-R: Paul Kendrick, Bob Hodges, Mick Ware, seated Derrick Gough.

Informal photo winter 1968/9, L-R: Bob Hodges, Derrick Gough, Paul Kendrick, Mick Ware.

Slightly different version of the photo above published in Beat Instrumental 12th April 1969.

Publicity shot taken at Covent Garden Market 21st April 1969, there was a suggestion that 'Bright Eyed Apples' should be rerecorded as an advert for 'Cape Fruit Apples'. L-R back: Paul Kendrick, Mick Ware, Bob Hodges, front: Derrick Gough.

Announcing the Cambridge Midsummer Pop Festival 8th - 11th June 1969. Tuesdays Children played a lot in and around Cambridge, their management being vased locally at the time.

The line up for the event, Tuesday's Children played on Sunday 8th June at 5pm.

Tuesday's Children on stage at the Cambridge Midsummer Pop festival, 8th June 1969.

Mick Ware and Paul Kendrick, Cambridge 8th June 1969.

Bob Hodges, Cambridge, 8th June 1969.

Programme for Caius College, Cambridge, May Ball, 10th June 1969, quite a line up as was usual for the Cambridge colleges at that time.

Poster for gig at the Lyceum Ballroom in central london, 12th September 1969, supporting King Crimson.

Poster for Tuesday's Children gig in Wokingham, Berkshire, 29th September 1968. 5 shillings to get in (25p in todays money!).

Poster for gig at University College, Gower Street, London, 15th February 1969. The Nice were top of the bill, but I seem to remember that Deep Purple, complete with purple vinyl covered Marshall stacks, were the loudest!

Poster for gig at the Dorothy Ballroom, Cambridge (known as the 'Dot' locally) 26th May 1969. Tuesday's Children played there several times when they were being managed by local company Rufus Manning associates.

Publicity from Rufus Manning Associates who managed Tuesday's Children from 1968 - 1970.

Publicity for gig at Stafford College of Technology, 13th March 1970. By this time Tuesday's Children had changed their name to Czar but this gig was booked some time before as Tuesday's Children. Note the number of bands on the bill, Idle Race featured Jeff Lynne who was later to found the Electric Light Orchestra with Roy Wood from the Move and later still to be a member of the Travelling Wilburys.

Notes by Bob Hodges, with help from Mick Ware and Geoff Hawkins, 2008.