Paul Kendrick at the first Czar gig at the Marquee Club, Wardour Street, London 17th January 1970. This photo shows Pauls trademark hat which was used in the artwork for the LP cover, and also his Fender Precision Bass.


Also at the Marquee Club, 17th January 1970, Mick Ware and Bob Hodges showing Micks' Gibson 325 (?) thinline semi acoustic guitar and Bobs' Hammond L122 organ.

Flyer for Emmanuel College, Cambridge May Ball 16th June 1970. The Cambridge University May Balls were lavish affairs that went on all night, I seem to remember doing a set at 4am at one of them once.

Publicity photo taken in July 1970 after Tony Mac Had joined on drums. L-R, Paul Kendrick, Mick Ware, Bob Hodges, Tony Mac.


Publicity letter from Robert Patterson, one of the partners in Anastasia Promotions (the other was Jonathan Brewer, brother of socialite Liz Brewer).


Paul Kendrick with Gibson(?) acoustic guitar, Upshire, Essex village hall, summer 1970. Czar rehearsed here a lot during July/August and September 1970, getting it together in the country!


                 Tony Mac also at Upshire, summer 1970.



Flyers from the Speakeasy Club, Margaret Street, London W1. The Speak was a hangout for rock musicians, usually great fun to play, although one night we were heckled by Rod Stewart when we were half way through our prog rock set, he wanted us to play some rock and roll!


This was an Anastasia Promotions publicity photo of Czar taken for the release of 'Oh Lord I'm Getting Heavy' The location was Waltham Abbey in Essex. My copy has faded over the years, so the quality of the above image is not very good. It does show the line up from the end of October 1970 to January 1971. L-R Mick Ware, Johnny Parker, Bob Hodges, Paul Kendrick.


Flyer publicising Czar's appearance at the upstairs room at Ronnie Scots Jazz Club, 4th January 1971.


Poster of Czar from 1971, top L-R: John Parker, Paul Kendrick, bottom L-R: Mick Ware, Brian Jackson (bass guitar).

Bob Hodges 2008.